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In addition to subject tutoring we teach students how to learn and how to study. Not every child is alike, not every teacher is alike in the way they teach. This often makes learning even more difficult when teachers have to cater to an audience of students who learn in different ways. We teach your child how to learn in class and out. Our goal is to help each student, one at a time, to maximize their learning skills for today and the future.

Most students are taught how to take notes, how to use note cards, and how to study in elementary school. While these are all great skills to learn, many of the students will not use them until they get into middle school.  For some, the need for study skills will not surface until high school. 


Students get better at studying when they practice it, because studying is a skill. Since study skills are taught to students at a time in their education when they often don’t need them, students forget how to study. In addition, students get an enormous amount of information each day in the classroom.  The amount of information increases as students rise into higher-level classes. Studies show that a student will forget about 20% of what they’ve learned in a day.


At CollegePrep, we specialize in teaching students ways to study, how to take notes, what to memorize in class. Using the curriculum of the classroom, we work with students in middle school and high school to get them to practice study strategies. The result is better study skills, better confidence, and better grades!